RotoTech Plumbing Contractors is Southwest Florida’s #1 choice for High Pressure Water Jetting. We pride ourselves in only using the latest technology and top quality equipment to inspect and clean our your sewer pipes. Our High Pressure Jetting Unit produces 18 GPM @ 4,000 PSI ans is capable of cleaning 2 to 18 inch diameter pipes which is very, very powerful. Our inspection equipment is used before and after jetting to insure the best results possible. Jetting is used to clean out clogged sewer pipes that can cause lots of damage and odor to your home. We have special jetting nozzles to address any type of backups in your sewer lines such as roots, grease, sand, concrete, etc…

So what is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High-pressure water jetting is the use of high-speed streams of high-pressure water to cut through almost all solid materials and to clean various surfaces.

In high-pressure water jetting, high-pressure water is forced to pass through the small hole or orifice of the jet nozzle, where the restriction of the small orifice results in a high-pressure water stream.

High-pressure water jetting can be just pure water or water with abrasives, cleaning chemicals or other additives at an operating pressure of between 10,000 to 25,000 psi (70 to 170 MPa) from a system that includes an engine, pump, water storage tank hose, specialized nozzle and other accessories. The terms “pure water jetting” and “abrasive jetting” are also used.

Sewage system preventive maintenance – High-pressure water jetting is the complete solution to pipe clogging problems because after breaking up clogs, it also thoroughly cleans the pipe walls.

RotoTech Services:

The water streams from a nozzle cleans the entire interior pipe wall surface. High pressure jetting provides a water flow to wash debris from the pipeline. High pressure (especially at 4,000 PSI) jetting breaks debris into small particles that flow downstream easier with less chance of collecting or causing a downstream blockage. Thick sludge or grease type blockages known as “soft blockages” are easily removed by the high pressure jetting process. High pressure jetting liquefies sludge to remove the blockage and restore pipe flow. Cable machines can penetrate or pass through a soft blockage without opening the line.


  • High pressure water output remains constant no matter how far up the sewer line the nozzle travels. High Pressure Jetting Units maintain the same pressure and flow even the hose is fully extended inside a sewer pipe.
  • High pressure jetting nozzles are more effective at cleaning pipes when pipe sizes transition from one pipe diameter to another. Streams of high pressure water will cover the entire interior pipe wall surface. If work starts at a 4″ pipe then transition to a 6″ diameter pipe, the nozzle will easily make the transition while effectively cleaning the two different interior pipe diameters.
  • High pressure jetting reduce the emergency back-up situation.

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